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Acupuncture is not simply a procedure.

Acupuncture is a part of Oriental medicine; a completely separate system of medicine from “Western” medicine or “Biomedicine.”   So, when we use the term “Acupuncture,” we are talking about a 5,000 year old Medical tradition.

So, if it is 5,000 years old – why don’t more people practice it? Why don’t more doctors believe in it? Acupuncture and Oriental medicine was largely unknown to the United States until about 1970. Some believe that acupuncture was introduced much earlier, by Chinese physicians who migrated to the U.S. But many people were first exposed when then Secretary of State Kissinger traveled to China. When a news reporter, named Reston, required an emergency Appendectomy, Acupuncture was reported to have been used for anesthesia and for pain relief.

There is varied and incomplete data about how Acupuncture “works.” But the lack of a measurement doesn’t substitute for the fact that it DOES work. Simply put, much of Western medicine is the study of small, like (or homogenous) systems. For example, most red blood cells act the same, with little variability. Therefore, the effects of a drug can be measured by the “western” numerical standards of centimeter, gram and second. In other words, we can get “Statistics.” What this system does not measure are the systemic effects – Ever wonder why nearly every drug commercial lists 10 seconds to a minute of “side effects?” This does not mean drugs are “all good” or “all bad.” This means, drugs work effectively on simple systems, but the more complex systems end up with “side effects.”

This is 50% of a total health equation.

The other 50% comes from Oriental medicine and Acupuncture. Acupuncturists study the state of the entire organism. Instead of focusing on the disease, we focus on the state of Health. And we strive, continuously, to return the entire system to a state of Health or balance.

Now, our set of measures employs qualitative, rather than quantitative standards. This means that we don’t “measure” the small, simple, homogenous systems with numbers (centimeter, gram and second). We measure the larger, more varied systems (the systems that make up the whole person) with Qualitative measurements.   It is no less scientific. It is a different set of measurements.

Can you imagine a statistician or scientist attempting to “measure” love, a poem, a classical piece or music or art? Does a masterpiece painting only qualify as a masterpiece f it weighs a certain amount, if it took a certain length of time to paint, and if it contained only a certain number of brush-strokes?

Of course not.

But don’t be fooled. There are numerous studies about the mechanisms and effects of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture that prove its validity.

This website is dedicated to the following Goals:

I. Educate you so that you are well-informed as a health consumer to seek qualified, licensed acupuncturists to assist you in meeting your health goals.

II. Educate the medical community so that we can work together towards the best interest of the patients’ health.

III. Educate and organize the public on the Goals and challenges that face the Acupuncture community; Such as seeking Coverage for Health insurance for acupuncture services, political actions that challenge our profession, and how you can get involved to support our profession and its benefits to you.



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